India Property in USA for Sale or Rent

As per one survey, number of Indian resident in USA in year 2015 was 23,90,000. We believe, All of them would be traveling India frequently, possibly every year, for multiple purposes like study, marriage, vacation, business, religious, social events etc. all of them need space to live or stay, dine, live.

Business communities like, software professionals, software executives, computer professionals, Industrial manufacturing officers, frequently visit India for multiple purposes. All of them need place to live, stay, dine, meetings, etc.

Many international companies now have India as their back office or have branch offices, sales office, manufacturing units, partnership business in India. All of them travel frequently or live in India and need space to live, stay, meet, dine, enjoy, and leisure.

StageNY, New York, USA. Is organizing in New York, USA, a India Real Estate Property Show for displaying for sale, for lease, for rent, for use, India properties like Offices, Shops, Business Suites, Open Lands, Business Centers, Residential Apartments, Individual apts for sale, Multistory Apartment Buildings, Residential Bungalows, Hotels, Farm-Land, Farm Houses, Dharma Salas, Guest Houses, Agricultural Land, Party Plot, Vacation Homes, Tourist staying Places, Student Home, Marriage Hall, Hostels, Event Plots, etc.

India Property Owners, Property Sellers, Selling Agents, Property Dealers, Property Managers, Real Estate Agents, their Sales Staff, Brokers Dealers, Property Transfer Lawyers, Financial Institutions, Loan Agents; or their authorized representatives, from properties located in all States of India, like in Mumbai, Saurashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Mehsana, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Kalol, Patan, Jaipur, Delhi, Simla, Chandigarh, Punjab, Jalandhar, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Kerala, Raipur, Nadiad, Banglore, Haryana, Aligarh, Agra, Pune, Bihar, Gandhinagar, Surat, Ghaziabad, Kutch, Kanpur, Lucknow, Chennai, UP, MP, or located at any place in India are invited to attend, participate, display, canvass, exchange, offer for sale, lease, rent, use, share, etc.


USA based Indian/Asian origin communities, US based Investment companies or individual, US based Real Estate Property Agents, Student Coming to India, Traveler coming to Indian, Business Committee to India, People coming to India, People moving to India, US Business Committee, Indian US Business Partner will be visiting the show.


India Property Owners, Property Sellers, Selling Agents, Property Dealers, Property Managers, Real Estate Agents, Brokers Dealers, Property Transfer Lawyers, Financial Institutions, Loan Agents; Lending Bank Officers, or their authorized representatives/employees, from properties located in all States of India are invited to visit, attend, participate, display, canvass. offer for sale, etc.


As per one survey, number of Indian resident in USA in year 2015 was 23,90,000. We believe, All of them would be travelling india frequently, possibly every year, for multiple purposes like study, marriage, vacation, business, religious, social events etc. all of them need space to live or stay, dine, live.

As per official numbers released by government, in 2016, 8.80 Million Visitors visited India.Obviously, All of them stayed somewhere and utilized Guest Houses, Homes, Apartments, Houses, Offices, Hotels, Clubs, while they were/are in India.

More and more Tourist, Investors, India based Returning Residents, Students, Business communities, would be coming to India are expected in coming years and would be looking for places to live, stay, meet, invest, dine, marry, visit, enjoy, travel, etc. India Property Dealers can display their property, offer for sale, or services, in this show and earn high income with good rates.

Your participation as India Property/Real Estate Exhibitor would help:

  • Every single US based Indians need a permanent home in India, being home country.
  • If you are looking to sell India your property, buy India property or temporary rent India property, this is the place to be.
  • Many US Corporations and business communities are looking to have a business setup in India
  • Also many US peoples come from foreign countries for Vacation, Pleasure and need space for period like a month or two , or permanent business set up
  • Many Indians residing in India visit India every year twice , and need find place to live, meetings, and for vacation
  • Students travel, visit, stay in India for education, work, and medical residency purposes
  • US indians visit india for Marriage occasions and find places to stay, party, celebrate, and organize events
  • India is a Big travel destination and US residents are attracted to India for ayurveda for treatments, for medical treatments, for education, for vacation time, for culture, for diversity, for country life, for software skills, for manufacturing business, social purposes, business ties, various festivals, social network etc.
  • Foreign based Indians can sell or exchange their India Property through this medium

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Stageny India Property Show

Last Date for Registration

January 31, 2019

Exhibition Venue

Hilton Long Island/Huntington

Date & Time

March 2, 2019

Terms and Conditions

  • Participants below 18 yrs. are not permiited to perform alone, He/She needs to be accompanied by their adult family members during event. Organizers are not responsile for, airfare, airport drop off, non-vegetarian food, any lodging and boarding travel, site seing, other facilities, cost, expenses, before, during, after participation event hours. Organizers are not responsible for any thing which is not specifically mentioned.
  • Everyone involved is expected to be and to stay safe and healthy. Organizers, owners, event management or any person acting on their behalf are not responsible for any medical expenses medical care, health expenses, for accidental personal damage, property damage, physical injury, or for any emotional impact of this event. Organizers would not be responsible for medical health, treatment of participants/viewers, staff, before, after during even, by virtue of performance or event happenings.
  • Sick, incapable, handicapped peoples requiring support and help, Pets, School students, are not allowed to participate in event, as a participant or performer. Peoples requiring medical devices support and medicines not allowed to participate. Organizers do not provide any medicine, medical devices, support, doctor or hospital facilities, ambulance etc.
  • If participant or his group leader intends to cancel his/her participation, 100 percent of refund of amt. Actually credited to our account by participant, after deduction of administrative, management expenses, booking, and other expenses and time spent by management which is estimated 40 percent of amt. paid, could be done, only if participation canceled by email received, at least 50 days prior to event, sent from by the participant or his team leader email id, on our records, to our official email id, with name of person requesting, reason of cancellation, phone number, bank details, etc.
  • Organizers, their officers, owners, employees, managers, volunteers or representatives, business affiliates etc. Assumes no liability whatsoever, surrounding this event, Or any services provided along with. Also, they would not be held liable for any personal damage, property damage or any other damage, directly or indirectly to anyone, or any company by involvement in this event at any stage, and also beyond completion of this event.
  • Event Date, Time, Location, Venue, Duration, and facility might change anytime without prior notice.
  • Event could be canceled anytime by organizers without prior notice, for any reasons whatsoever. Hundred percent refund would be provided of amount credited to our account which might be less than amount actually transferred by participant. The refund of amount could happen in five months time, after our approval and decision on refund amt. No interest or other amount can claimed by participants or any other person.
  • Event would be canceled in case of non-enrollment of enough number of participants required to present the show decently and completely to public satisfaction. Event would be canceled in case of lack of enough number of viewers of event.
  • Event would be canceled, interrupted, changed, postponed without prior notice, by happening of Force major, or act of god, or Govt. order or any such like reasons. Event would be canceled in event of natural calamities including heavy snowfall, thunderstorm, heavy rainfall, flood, heavy wind, curfew, fire or any such like reasons. No refund would be provided in such circumstances
  • Event program, participants, chief guests, venue, location, would be altered/canceled in event of flight cancellations, traffic obstructions, non availability, sickness, or for any other reasons. No refund or other claim would be provided in such circumstances


  • Pl obtain Health insurance to get coverage for life and health insurance during event travel days.
  • If sick, need support or unable to take care of themselves by yourself, do not participate.
  • Obtain medical advice from reliable Doctor and travel only if you are advised OK and fit for event, travel, and performance, participation.
  • Self Name with address, self Phone, Emergency Contact with Phones, country code and area code, Name, relation, should be provided, kept handy, ( tagged on wrist )and submitted to event organizers and Team leaders.
  • Bring your own medical first aid support kit and keep it handy through out.
  • Start early and get travel visa permit approval, where applicable.
  • Avoid bringing children to participation, to avoid sickness in changing environments.
  • Have/obtain your own mobile phone number working at event location for communication while during travel or event. May be take roaming plan from your home calling plan or obtain event local phone calling plan.
  • Notify yourself organizers asap of your travel plan. In all cases, as soon as it is - arranged, changed, cancelled, modified


Minimum cost starts with Rs 25000. Pl fill up below to get idea of Cost of Display of your Property. Email or whats app us for any questions Payment terms would be percent bank to bank transfer only. No cash or No checks accepted.
Yes, I am interested in the display of my India base property, Please send me details of the Cost / Rate.