Singles Cruise Meet

USA + Indian Singles Cruise Meet




US Based
Punjabi, Rajasthani, Gujarati Bombayites, South Indian, Hyderabadi, East Indian, North Indian, Bengali, etc.

India Based
candidates from all areas like Punjab, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Hyderabad, Bengal, Kerala, MP, UP etc, are eligible to participate

Indians currently in USA
In students Visa, Exchanger Visa, Visitors Visa, H1b Visa, Business visa, or any kind of status and are eligible to participate. US based Green Card Residents , Citizens are also eligible to participate

Not Eligible:
Already married, Already living family life, married already living with spouse, prior marriage still active. Unmarried however, living with girlfriend.

  • Boys meets Girls
  • Girls meets Boys
  • Unmarried Ladies meets Gents candidates
  • Unmarried Gents meets Ladies candidates
  • Single gets Married
  • Divorced gets Married
  • Widow gets married
  • Widower gets married
  • Legally Separated Gets married
  • Loneliness turns into Memorable lifetime partnership
  • Love and harmony prevails
  • Life becomes more meaningful
  • Problems are shared.
  • Happiness is doubled
  • US candidates meets India candidates
  • US based Indian ladies are looking for India based male partners
  • Make Family - Necessary for stabilization, mind calmness, peace
  • US based Indian origin Citizen/Residents meets India based Singles
  • India based (also Global based) singles Meets US Citizens and US Residents( India Origins )
  • Love prevails
  • Life becomes more meaningful
  • Problems are shared Happiness is doubled

Venue: Cruize on East River New York, USA

First Register on our web site. Print or save Registration Letter sent by us. Then pay Fees, by bank transfer or by paypal.

Paypal Details:

Cost: US participants: US $750 / (First 50 Registration half price, India Participants: INR Rs.49000/. Pl whats app us on Phone after Registration to confirm and wait for our written confirmation by your phone text or by whatsapp or by email.

Visa: US Visa required for India based participants.

Eligibility: Candidates age 21 Yrs and over.

Register Form

Registration must be done online by candidate or any of our reps on behalf of candidate. Payment by paypal or by internet bank transfer is due at time of registration.payment could be made by anyone not necessarily the candidate.

Not Included In Our Fees: anything which is specifically not mentioned as Included In Fees, is not included in the fees for event

Included in our fees: Airport pickup, 2 Nights 2 days day stay for Non USA candidates


1st Day Program

Hotel Holiday Inn, NY, USA : Get together, Self Introduction, Dinner, Outing Time: 9 am to 9 pm, Light Indian snacks and dinner would be served

2nd Day Program

Cruise on East River, NY - Meet more closely, know each other, confirm suitability, proceed further, or just enjoy and move out if no suitable match

3rd Day Program

Event (Next week after event): How was that Found Life Partner ? Marriage Arrangement: Marriage Location, Stage Decoration, Pundits/ Priest to perform marriage ceremony, 20 peoples Guest Arrangement, Ice cream Treat, Pundits/ Priest to perform marriage ceremony would be provided

4th Day Program

Honeymoon Trip organized at your desired location by noted Travel Agents - Gem Travels

5th Day Program

Green card Filing assistance - Marriage based Visa filing assistance provided by Law Office of Trivedi, NY USA

Please Note
Organisers or their representatives do not assume any responsibility about status of any India or US residners, their genuinesness, their truthfulness, or anything.US If not already in USA, Visa required to enter USA. Please show participant confirmation letter and take apt for US VIsa. We request everyone to be truthful and genuine and fair disclosure. Venue, Fees, and other information given here is subject to change without any notice. Organizer are not responsible for any medical expenses medical care, health expenses or care, and for accidental personal or property damage or any physical injury, or for any emotional impact of this event .

The participant agrees that The maximum responsibility whatsoever assumed by event organizers or its team members are Rs 1000 or equivalent.

Full refund of amt paid , after deduction of management and other expenses $ 400.00 )only if registration cancelled by email, at least 70 days prior to of event, sent from by the participant email on our records.No other refund policy

150 candidates from India, 150 from Middle east based Indians , and 150 USA based Residents/Citizens are expected to join this event