About The Kirtan Contest

Non professional Amateur Individuals, Groups consisting of : Family( Members of same Family ), Bhajan Singing Groups, Bhajan Buddies, in their daily life.

Indian Languages Only. Same Family members, Devotional Music Group, Group of Friends, Individuals, College Students Group, Neighbours devotional Group. Only Amateur or Home Style performance is allowed.

Not Eligible
Solo/Individual Participants (not accompanied by adult family members) under 18 years of Age, Performance in Non Indian Languages, Professional Music Groups, Professional Artists, Professional Singers are not permiited. Performance by seasoned Professional Groups or Artists are not being considered for this event. Hence, they should not Register or make any payment.

Perform What
Traditional Bhajan, Kirtan, Satsang, Devi/ Mataji Bhajans, Aarti, Garbaa, Geeta Slokas, Radha Krishna Songs, Hanuman Chalisa, Rama Bhajan, Gurubani Kirtans, Devotional Ragas. Each team would be allocated taking maximum 9 minutes of time.

Krishna Radha, Devi /Durgaa /Mataji, Lord Rama, Hanuman, Kirtan, Geeta Slokas, Old Navratri - Devotional Prayers, Dhun, Mantras, Slokas, Aarti, Bhajans, etc. with or without light traditional muscial instruments like Harmonium, Khanjari, Tabla, Dholak, Tanpura, Sitar, Veena, etc. Flute. Appropriate Costume( Optional )

All India languages like – Hindi, Gujarati, Sanskrit, Punjabi, Marathi, Rajasthani, Bengali, South India, North India, Any Indian Language/

Performing stage would be light and simple. Show is focused is on devotional environment creation. Try avoid heavy musical background

Visitor Form

Rates for Visitors: Free



March 9, 10, 11 of year 2019


Three personalities from USA and / or India would be invited to evaluate Performance

Entry Into USA

US Individuals/ Group will be responsible to obtain their own US visa on their own, if not already having it. We do not provide help in issue of US Visa.


Award of INR - Rs 100000.00 would be provided to each of three winning Team leader. Number 1 Gold winner, Number 2 Diamond winner, 3 Silver winner

Performance Participation Form


  • Its Free to register. Register online by filling up Participation Form at ___________.
  • Each Group should Name themselves. With their Location at end of Name.
  • Each team should name themselves with Team Name, Team Leader name and other details
  • Do not make any payment to us, before Your Group Registers by filling out Participation Form Online. As a follow up, please email or whats app to us that your group has registered
  • Payment should be made only if Group wants to perform in NY, in this event. For Group Payment, make only One payment together on behalf of entire Group. Individuals who are not a part of group can make their individual payment.
  • Mode of Payment: Payment can be done by: Bank to Bank Wire Transfer to our Bank Account only.To know details of Our Bank Account, Please make a request for making payment on whatsapp, _____________, or on our email at ________________ with your name, address, Number of Team members, Place, Phone number, Bank details, Mobile Number, Once we receive your Request for making payment, we will send you details.
  • Payment Not Permitted payment made by By Checks, Drafts, Money Order, Pay Order, Credit Card Payments, Debit Card Payments, Cash Payment, Paypal, other online payment systems not specified herein.
  • From the organisers side, Registration Acceptance mail or whatsapp message would be sent to teams which are accepted for performance, and whose payment is credited to our bank account

Stay in New York, USA

3 nights and 3 days stay to all participants on sharing basis. Three days Tea, breakfast and daily twice meals would be organized by organizers. Organizers would also provide New York Airport pick ups.

  • In case of unable to remain present physically in event ,80 percent amt credited in our account would be transferred back would be provided, if refund request is made at least 45 days prior to event date. In case of or cancellation of event by us for any reason, 100 percent of net amount credited to our account would be sent back to respective Group leaders, by organizers. Refund amt payment could take between 1 to 4 months
  • Cost of Participation is (INR Rs. 40,000/( or equivalent US Dolalrs ) per participant of Group. Please calculate total amount on basis of total performing participants per Group .For example, If there are 5 members in group, payment to be made is 5 x 40,000 = Rs 2,00,000)
  • Terms and Conditions

    • More than 1 people in team would be treated as Team. Max 10 peoples in each team permitted. Individuals are eligible to participate. Orchestra and chorus is included in max 10 members per team.
    • Seasoned Professional are not allowed to perform.( Only Amateur or Home Style)
    • Performance Focus includes Singing, Music, Chorus, Traditional Costume, Devotional Environment creation, Selection of Item, Harmony -Synchronization in performance.
    • Participants under 16 yrs. Cannot be a solo performer. He/She should be accompanied by adult over 21 yrs. family member, who need not be participant in performance.
    • Each team will get 1 chance, each for upto max 9 minutes, for performing
    • Only Limited Teams would be accepted. We reserve right to deny, reject, accept, any teams or individuals.


    • Pl obtain Health insurance to get coverage for life and health insurance during event travel days.
    • If sick, need support or unable to take care of themselves by yourself, do not participate.
    • Obtain medical advice from reliable Doctor and travel only if you are advised OK and fit for event, travel, and performance, participation.
    • Self Name with address, self Phone, Emergency Contact with Phones, country code and area code, Name, relation, should be provided, kept handy, ( tagged on wrist )and submitted to event organizers and Team leaders.
    • Bring your own medical first aid support kit and keep it handy through out.
    • Start early and get travel visa permit approval, where applicable.
    • Avoid bringing children to participation, to avoid sickness in changing environments.
    • Have /obtain your own mobile phone number working at event location for communication while during travel or event. May be take roaming plan from your home calling plan or obtain event local phone calling plan.
    • Notify yourself organizers asap of your travel plan. In all cases, as soon as it is - arranged, changed, cancelled, modified