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Participating in much awaited Tech Show in India. An upcoming TEKXINDIA US-India Software Tech Exchange Platform- in India.

A Pleasure plus Biz visit to India

  • Tech Participants from Hyderabad, Bangalore, USA, Bombay, etc.
  • Biz Exchange /Tech Show
  • US India Tech Biz search partners meet
  • Limitless opportunity for anyone connected with US / India Tech Industry
  • Option to further visit places in India


Yes, New York is your stage, and world is your audience. Even for Business !!!

Great opportunity for Software related company or professionals, to participate in Software TEKXINDIA Event in Ahmedabad, India.

Location: Ahmedabad, India.

Dates: October 20, 2023
(October 18, 19, 2023 - Arrival of participants ad free pick ups at airport)

Event 1st day: Aprx. 190 participants are expected to meet and encash exchanging ideas, doing business deals !!!!!!

Meeting /Participation in actual Computer Software technology show, with India and US IT industry participants, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

USA based Software related businesses willing to grow, will have great chance: Buy Indian Companies, Open Small Office in India, Open Software Development Centre in India, Get the entire Tech Team, Get Exposure, Grab India Market, Get other Resources from India, Get Skilled Professionals from India, Have Representative Office in India, Get IT Projects done in India at low low cost, Partner with India based Software businesses, Visit /see personally Software business sites, Appoint Sales Distributors of your Products in India, Market your Products in India, etc. etc. Opportunities are limitless.

India based companies will have great chance: Find US biz partners, show skills, sell Innovation/Ideas, set up US office, IT exchange, get IT projects, IT Infrastructure, exposure, gain publicity, provide talent, get funding, meet Investors, get media covered, meet other Tech Industries.

All other countries Globally in Asia, Russia, Europe, South Americas, Midde East, Africa, Far East, etc. would also have chance to participate and prosper. Global Govt. representatives and Software related Agencies and companies are encouraged to participate and take advantage and bring home all advanced tech systems.

Event 2nd day: Follow up meetings with business communities on basis of 1st day Event/Business tour in the city, personal visits to Software companies or trade associations( subject to their availability and approval ) /any other business event

Cost in US Dollars (Non US country participant can send their remittance in their own currency Bank Check)
1. Visitors: Free
2. Students: Technology /Biz Students showing their Skills/ Softwares: US $414.00 INR 29,000 aprx
3. Start Ups ( 1 to 2 yrs of existence ): Small Software Co, Individuals; Software Service Biz, etc US $1414.00 INR 99,000 aprx
4. Regular Existing Software related Co./Biz US $5999.00 INR 4,19,930 aprx
5. Govt/Semi Govt.. Representatives/Bodies US $7999.00 INR 5,59,930 aprx
6. Non Software - Associated Businesses*:
US $3999.00 INR 2,79,930 aprx
7. Sponsors: Please email us your Plan and Budget
Please Note
  • Free India Visa Assistance.
  • Space of aprx 10 sq feet wold be provided to a Paying Exhibitors/Participants> For additional Space, email us, with Desk and Chairs, Electric connections, etc.
  • One full time local personal assistant would be given to each foreign participant for her/ him : to help, explain, and assist, guide, and Plan out programs
  • All payment should be mailed by check only to US address by Fed Ex or USPS or by regd post Email us for other payment options, and we will get back to you.
  • Fluctuations in foreign exchange rate, of more than 20 percent, between date of payment realized, and date of event, is chargeable and should be paid additionally by Exhibiting parties.
  • Please Emails us when participant makes payments with 1. photograph of check attached, and 2. authority letter to use check as electronic transfer.
  • Please read other terms and conditions
  • Event, case, circumstances, fees, liability, rights, amenities to be provided, facilities, not mentioned specifically or otherwise, should be clarified with management at info@stagenY.com, with “SW EXh- India Question”: in subject matter

Indo-US Tech

India - US Technology Industry, US - Computer Industry

As per above source, The United States has the most advanced software and information technology(IT) services industry in the world. The industry has increased its revenue by an average of six percent between 2010 and 2011, totaling $606 billion in 2011. Overall, research and development spending in the United States information and communications technology(ICT) sectors increased by 6.3 percent to $126.3 billion in 2011. The United States accounts for more than 55 percent of global ICT research and development.

There are more than 100,000 software and IT services companies in the United States, and more than 99 percent are small and medium-sized firms (i.e., under 500 employees). This total includes software publishers, suppliers of custom computer programming services, computer systems design firms, and facilities management companies. The industry draws on a highly educated and skilled U.S. workforce of nearly two million people, a number which has continued to grow during the past decade.

U.S. software firms operate in a mature, harmonized market and have a reputation for producing reliable and effective solutions that accelerate quickly to the marketplace. International companies in the industry have shown a keen interest in the U.S. market because of its strong intellectual property rights laws and enforcement. U.S. companies lead the world’s packaged and custom-software markets, and are competitive in nearly all other market segments with a relatively stable overseas market share.

The International Data Corporation(IDC) estimates that U.S. demand for software will increase more than 7 percent to $163.9 billion in 2012, and that demand for information technology services will rise 4.2 percent to $235.6 billion from the previous year. IDC surveys show that infrastructure projects are high priorities for U.S. businesses, and interest is growing rapidly in collaborative tools, green information technology, cloud computing and mobile applications.

As per one Report, US trade with India in year 2010 was: Exports: 19222.7 Millions, Imports: 29531.2 Millions..As per U.S. Export Fact Sheets prepared by ITA’s Office of Trade and Economic Analysis, Charges for the use of computer software exports also hit an all-time high in 2013, at $42.9 billion, compared to $6.6 billion in import charges, yielding a services trade surplus of $36.3 billion. In this category, exports, imports and the trade surplus have grown 38.3, 6.9, and 46.1 percent respectively since 2009

As per report in certain publication: India has already established her brand equity in the global IT market. Indian IT software and services firms offer software product/packages; a wide spectrum of IT services including system management and maintenance, consultancy services, system integration, chip design, E-Governance, E-Commerce, IT enabled services covering banking/financial/insurance sector. Their IT enabled services also include CAD/CAM Multimedia, animation work, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) assignments, Call centre related assignments, as well as Knowledge Process Outsourcing(KPO)/Legal process Outsourcing(LPO), medical lab, diagnostic and dental services, medical transcription services, e-publishing data conversion or digitization, type-setting, copy editing, content and design, graphics etc.The software industry is not only growing exponentially, it is moving up the value chain. It is evolving, from the initial staffing to software development.

(source:http://selectusa.commerce.gov/industry-snapshots/software-and-information-technology-services-industry-united-states.html )

Strengths of Indian it industry

  • One of the largest pool of technically qualified high class IT manpower
  • Enormous skilled human resource compared to developed countries leading to lower manpower cost nearly one tenth of those in developed nations, thus giving India a comparative advantage.
  • Offers a wide range of services from support/data processing to sophisticated software systems etc.
  • Rich experience of working with large global companies and enjoy high credibility
  • Expertise on a wide variety of platforms
  • Accommodating nature of Indian IT workforce

Business Prospects

Great technology event taking place in USA and you are invited

  • Buy an existing Software/Mobile app - IT company,
  • Become partner in US based existing small/medium IT company
  • Open a branch office in India/USA
  • Open Software Development/Test centre in India
  • Provide Tech support to existing IT company/
  • Provide software development
  • Provide Tech Transfer Knowledge
  • Copyrights, Trademarks and patent your IT products
  • Buy and Sell : Technulogy and business ideas
  • Appoint US based partners/ agents for your Software product
  • Take big projects from US based companies
  • Cullaborate with US based company

If you are US or India based Software Industry related, be it Small, Startup, Medium Big, Be it Executive, owner, director, officer, employee, IT skilled professional or intend to be jump into this software industry, welcome. A Grand Software Exchange, cum Business Partnership TEKXINDIA is being held. We intend to promote US and India based Software, Software Biz Exchange, Tech Transfer, etc. in this show, If you are in any kind of Information Technulogy, computer software or hardware development business or IT industry related business, you are eligible to participate, and we want you to participate.

The amount you would be spending could get you returns which are many fuld, ability of changing your entire standard. The experience would be unforgettable. There are many things you would get through this exposure, which you are not getting at present by participating, we believe.

There are immense chances that you as a participating company, during or after exhibition, would eventually find a vendor whulesaler for your product, meet direct buyers for your product, form biz partnership with other companies, you get technical consultants for your products, form joint ventures, you get finance to invest in your products, you get high skilled employees at low rates, to work for you, open up a india based office working as your US counterpart. Maybe you can bring your company from red to green, just by reducing cost. You must be aware, India and US share a substantially high vulume of Software and computer related business, and numbers are quite interesting. For example, US trade of Software and computer related biz with India in 2015 ran into Trillions, as per govt sources. You and your company could be a part of these kind of deals in millions.

Participation Form

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Part D

Part E

Terms and Conditions

  • Organizers/we reserve sole right to accept, reject, offer discount, to each participants.
  • Date, time, venue, location, schedule, program, events, originally announced or declared to this show are subject to change/ or cancellation without prior notice.
  • Organizers/we and any of its associated persons or businesses do not take any financial responsibility for any loss, profit, misconduct, unfairness, business fraud, or any kind of losses or suffering to participants or its businesses. Participants or any other parties relieve hereby organizers and all peoples and parties, companies, connected with organization, of any such direct or indirect liability.
  • Organizers/we and any of its associated persons or businesses do not take any responsibility for any personal injury, medical health related issues, or loss of any property to participants. Participants or any other parties relieve hereby organizers and all peoples and parties, companies, connected with organization, of any such direct or indirect liability.
  • Organizers/we do not provide any medical insurance or coverage to participants.
  • There is no guarantee of any benefits or business as an outcome of this show. But it is expected by us that it will give you good business growth.
  • Letter stating Participant’s involvement in Tech Show helpful for getting US Visa could be provided on request, for 2 people representing each company, or to tek student or individual business owner.
  • 10 x 10 booth with Table, Chairs, Wi Fi connection would be provided, to companies ( not to individuals).
  • Free Lunch, and Tea/Coffee with light snacks would be provided.
  • Free Airport Pick up
  • Participants, Please inform us in 2 days of refusal of visa, by sending email to us, and also confirm that we received your request, if participant do not get US visa, for any reason. ( To take necessary action on our side and also to process refund from our side to Participants), Informing us After 2 days from date of refusal of visa, would result in not processing refund of fees, on visa refusal basis The event or its portion may be organized by third party and not directly by us/we, or our representatives.
  • Refund Policy: Fifty percent Refund on payment already received, if email cancellation requested to us before forty five days of event start date. If not having US visas, and visa request not granted after full payment made to us, eighty five percent refund, if visa denial before forty five days of event start day, and if we are informed at info@stageny.com, within 36 hours of denial. Sufficient proof would be required. Email receipt should be confirmed by us.
  • Refunding the amt could take aprx 4 months and might not happen soon. Exchange value difference would not allow us to refund exact percentage mentioned above and therefore actual amount received by participant could be less than above percentage mentioned.
  • Terms and conditions are agreed by participants, and subject to change without prior notice. All concerned agrees to this terms and conditions.
  • The account in which participation amt. would be deposited by participants, is for facilitation purpose only and account holder is not liable for anything whatsoever. The sales representative acting on our behalf should be confirmed, by you before dealing with him/her. We are not liable for any results or consequences due to conduct, behavior, false representations, misunderstanding, misappropriation of funds, promises, statements, made to anyone.